Shopping in Edirne – information about shopping in Edirne in 2023

Update on market in Edirne in 2023

If you go shopping in Edirne, check out the following rows for up-to-date information on shopping in Edirne in 2023. I hope the article is useful for anyone who wants to shop for a bargain in Edirne.

What is the best day to go shopping in Edirne?

The best day to go shopping in Edirne is Saturday. The main reason is that then is the big Saturday market of Edirne, also known as the Blue Market. All shopping malls and big stores are open normal hours on Saturdays.

Other good shopping days are Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday the Blue Market is open again, it’s smaller, but there aren’t as many crowds. On Fridays there is the Friday market, known as Ulus Market, which is the largest clothing market in Edirne.

During the holiday season and especially August/September, the wait at the border can vary from half to three or four hours. Check out my tips for travelling to Edirne by car to get across the border as quickly as possible.

Where to go shopping in Edirne?

There are many shopping options in Edirne. Start the day with a visit to one of the city’s markets, stroll through the shops along the main shopping street and finish your shopping at a mall. In the following lines you will find a summary of the malls, markets and shops in Edirne.

Malls in Edirne

There are three large malls in Edirne – Margi Outlet, Erasta AVM, Kipa AVM, which are strategically located along the main boulevard that crosses the city. The malls in Edirne are open from 10:00 to 22:00 and are a great way to spend a few hours shopping for clothes and groceries while your car is quietly parked in their free car parks.

Margi Outlet

Margi Outlet is the largest open-air mall in Edirne and the whole of Thrace. Margi is conveniently located on the city’s main avenue and houses over 30 stores, the most interesting and frequented among them certainly being the U.S. Polo Assn. The clothes are at much lower prices compared to U.S. Polo in Bulgaria, and there are regular promotions that reach up to 50%.

For comparison, men’s sweaters or shirts made of 100% cotton with a nice cut in the Turkish U.S. Polo cost about 80-100 BGN at regular price, and 40-50 BGN at a discount, and in Bulgaria the regular price is twice as high. Often the shop will be quite full of Bulgarians.

In addition to the U.S. Polo Assn, the Margie Outlet has stores for Adidas, Levis, Jack and Jones, LC Waikiki, and a number of local branded apparel brands. Apart from clothes, you will find quality home stores, shoe shops, gold and cosmetics shops, as well as several restaurants where you can eat cheap and tasty. Part of the complex is occupied by the luxurious Margi Hotel, which is one of the recommended hotels in Edirne.

Read more in the article dedicated to Margi Outlet – the largest mall in Edirne .

Erasta Mall

Erasta mall (Erasta Edirne mall) is the newest mall in Edirne. The mall has 4 floors, is entirely European, and you can find everything in it – home and household goods, a grocery store, specialized shops for white goods and electronics, shops for branded clothes and suits. Mall Erasta is home to most of the affordable Turkish branded clothing stores such as Mavi Jeans, Damat and Penti. Here we also find shops of H&M, U.S Polo Assn & Pierre Cardin. A big hit in the Erasta mall is the Migros grocery store.

Further information about the mall can be found in the article Mall Erasta Edirne – the newest mall in Edirne.


In Kipa we find the beloved Migros again, but even bigger, even better stocked, and with even more current promotions.

Migros is the largest food supermarket chain in Turkey. Many of the products they sell are familiar to the European market, and my favorite part is that the promotions are written directly in Bulgarian. Migros is a must stop for grocery shopping during the market in Edirne.

For an up-to-date brochure of Migros stores in Edirne, shopping favorites from Migros and their prices, see the article Shopping at Migros.

On the top floor of Kipa we can eat some of the most delicious meatballs in Edirne.

Markets in Edirne

There are several markets in Edirne, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, leather accessories, curtains, rugs and many other goods. When planning your shopping in Edirne, take into account that different markets are open on different days of the week.

The Blue Market in Edirne

The Blue Market in Edirne, also known as the Saturday Market, is located just behind the Margi Outlet. This is the most popular market in Edirne. There is free parking in front of the market, where you can leave your car while browsing the stalls.

Since the Saturday market we have been shopping mostly for fruit and vegetables, and in the middle of the market we find olives and Turkish sweets. We find clothes and household goods at the end of the market.

The prices of fruits and vegetables are 4-6 pounds per kilogram for the most popular fruits and vegetables such as lemons, pomegranates, oranges and tangerines, cucumbers and tomatoes. More exotic fruits and vegetables such as Turkish bananas are 8-10 pounds per kilogram.

Edirne Blue Market opening hours

The opening hours of the Blue Market in Edirne are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am until dusk. However, I advise you to shop from here until before noon, as some of the vendors may be gone in the afternoon, or there may be inferior merchandise left.

On Wednesday the market is smaller. The Saturday market is the biggest market in Edirne. Then the abundance of goods and products is the greatest and the prices of the traders are the best, so I recommend you to visit it on Saturday.

Bring loose change to the Saturday market and be sure to shop from the stalls where prices are listed. Some traders speculate on the price when they feel that you are Bulgarian, and you can pay a higher price than the real one. There is no practice here of choosing our products.

Read more about the Blue Market in the article Blue Market in Edirne – everything you need to know in 2023.

Friday market in Edirne – Ulus market

Edirne’s Friday Market, also known as Ulus Market, is located at the end of the main shopping street Saraclar. There is ample surface parking near the market, but because the market is more central, finding a parking space is sometimes difficult.

The Friday Market is the largest clothing market in Edirne, making it a must-stop if you’re going shopping in Edirne during the week. From here we buy replicas of branded clothes, shoes, bags and leather accessories. There are also home goods such as crockery, tableware, carpets and blinds. Information about Ulus Market read in the article Shopping in Edirne during the week – Ulus Market.

Shopping in the Bostan pazari and trade

Bostan Market is the famous fruit and vegetable market of Edirne, located near the Friday Ulus Market.

Next to the Bostan market are the detergent exchange and the auction houses located along Mezarlik Street. Although they are practically on the road, there are many parking spaces. We buy cheap soaps, detergents, powders and other cleaning products from the marketplace.

The fish market in Edirne

At the intersection of Saraclar shopping street you will find the famous fish market of Edirne. The fish market consists of several stalls with an abbundance of fresh fish at very low prices. You can find the exact address of the fish market in my map of Edirne.

Ali Pasha Bazaar

Ali Pasha is a covered market in the centre of Edirne where you can find mostly junk and souvenirs, as well as gold shops. There are many stalls selling Turkish sweets, as well as shops selling clothes and accessories. Ali Pasha Market is also known as the Kapalı Charshia of Edirne.

Grocery stores in Edirne

In Edirne you will find many grocery supermarket chains from which you can buy cheap products and household goods. At the bottom of the page you will find links to current brochures of the largest grocery stores in the city.

Migros Shop

Migros is the busiest grocery store in Edirne. You will find Migros in two of the city’s malls, as well as several other locations. According to the size of the store (it is determined by the number “M” in the name) in addition to groceries you will find stationery, books, clothes, household items and more. At the checkout, they issue you a card that gives you additional discounts.

Read all about shopping from Migros stores in Edirne in the article Shopping at Migros Edirne in 2023.

Bizim Shop

There are several Bizim shops in Edirne. They function as closed warehouses, from which you can buy mainly powder and detergents. There are many good promotions that change every two weeks. Be sure to check the current promotions brochure as the discounts at Bizim are very generous.

Shop Bim

The Bim Stores are an economical chain of food and detergent stores that can be found throughout the city. I recommend you visit the shop in the exchange area of Edirne to optimize your time and travel less.

Tugra store

Tugra is a grocery supermarket that took the place of the former Carrefour stores. In Tugra you will find a wide selection of goods and very good promotions.

The opening hours of the Tugra store in Edirne are every day from 08:00 to 22:00.

Erdogan store

Erdogan Supermarket is one of the most profitable grocery stores in Edirne. I leave the address of Erdogan’s shop in the map of Edirne, which you can download from the article.

Branded clothes in Edirne

In Edirne we find many branded clothing stores of both brands known in Turkey and popular brands across Europe. The most famous shops for branded clothes in Edirne are the Turkish brands Mavi Jeans, Ipekyol, EFOR, lcWaikiki. Of the stores known throughout Europe, we find here H&M, Jack & Jones and U.S Polo. The prices of all listed brands sold in Bulgaria, except H&M, are noticeably lower compared to Bulgaria.

You can also find branded clothes – replicas of world-famous brands, but they are mostly sold in shops and boutiques along Sarchalar. I’ve marked the locations of several suggested branded clothing stores on the map of Edirne. More information can be found in the special article Branded clothes in Edirne.

Gold shops in Edirne

You’ll find several gold shops in Edirne, most of them clustered around the main shopping street. The first gold shop in the center is called Balkan Kuyumcusu, and its owner speaks fluent Bulgarian. Other gold shops around the main street are Kerimler Kuyumculuk, Padisah Kuyumculuk (recommend), Halaç Kuyumculuk (recommend) and MÜCEVHERAT. They are all within walking distance of each other.

Check out some of the well-known gold shops in Bulgaria such as Altinbas in Erasta Mall, or Acar Gold in Margie Outlet.

Gold Price in Edirne 2023

The price of gold in Turkey and Edirne is not fixed. It is formed on the basis of current levels of gold trading on world markets. In other words, expect prices that are comparable to the prices of gold in Bulgaria. The quality and variety of gold jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, gold and diamond rings, wedding rings and more. is incomparably larger in Turkey.

In January 2023 the price of a gram of gold in Edirne is about 1100 pounds, but the price is variable. You can get the most accurate information about the current price of gold in Edirne from the form I have embedded below for your convenience.

Check for yourself the most current price of gold in Edirne

On the chart you will find the latest information about the price per gram of gold in Edirne in Turkish pounds today.

Map of Edirne with shops

For your convenience, I have prepared a detailed map of Edirne with shops, markets, malls, parking lots, restaurants and attractions. On the map you will find marked the addresses of all major supermarkets for cheap groceries such as Migros, Bim, Erdogan. You’ll find it easy to navigate where the cheap detergent and soap auctions are in Edirne, and you’ll have access to dozens of shopping, dining and sleeping locations that have been personally vetted and recommended.

Click to go to the map

I’m really proud that in less than a year, my map has been viewed over 780,000 times, and thousands have downloaded it to their phone for offline access. I highly recommend downloading the offline map to load the locations on your phone and use it offline directly through Google Maps without having to turn on roaming.

Brochures of shops in Edirne 2023

Brochures of shops in Edirne can be found at the following addresses:

Current catalogue of Migros Edirne store

Latest brochure of Bizim Edirne store

More up-to-date shop brochures can be found on the Shop Brochures in Edirne page. I’ve created it for your convenience so you don’t have to search for the brochures on foreign language websites.

Is it expensive in Edirne?

There is a lot of information that Edirne is no longer worth it as a destination. Although the prices in the city are indeed sensitively increased, there are still not a few goods worth bargaining from here. I am talking mainly about detergents and cleaning products, medicines, household goods and clothes. Current prices of various goods in Edirne can be found in the following articles:

What can we buy from the Blue Market and at what prices

What to buy from Migros Edirne and what are the prices

Clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry – prices at Ulus Market

Shopping in Edirne, Lozengrad or Corlu?

Many Bulgarians are already heading to Lozengrad or Corlu – other popular shopping destinations near the Bulgarian border.

Lozengrad is a lovely town where you’ll find a huge covered market every Wednesday, as well as familiar favourites like Migros, Bizim, LC Waikiki and more. Another very popular stop near Lozengrad is the Dona shoe factory. Prices in Lozengrad are lower than in Edirne, as Edirne is already a well-developed tourist destination, which is a center of attraction for thousands of Bulgarians and Greeks every week.

Of course, there is a reason why Edirne is the most popular of the two destinations for shopping tourism – the variety of shops and goods in Edirne is many times higher than Lozengrad, and there are more goods and products that are brands known in our country. See additional information about Lozengrad in the article At the market in Lozengrad.

Chorlu, on the other hand, is a rather cosmopolitan city that attracts tourists thanks to the many textile factories around the city. If you’re going shopping in Turkey for cheap clothes, Çorlu is undoubtedly a great choice because in the city we find outlets of some of the biggest Turkish branded clothing brands such as Mavi Jeans, Collins, DeFacto and others. Besides, near Chorlu is the company shop of the Tach factory, where we buy bargain bedroom sets of great quality. See additional information about Chorlu in the article Shopping in Chorlu.

On the market in Edirne – a forum

Do you have more questions about shopping in Edirne? See if they are no longer answered in the forum “On the market in Edirne” on the site and ask your question!

Enjoy your shopping!

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