Shopping in Edirne during the week – Friday Ulus Market

What we shop from Friday market Ulus market in Edirne and what are the current prices in 2023

Ulus Market, known as the Friday Market, is one of the symbols of Edirne and is a must stop when I am at the Edirne Market during the week. The Friday Market was closed for half a year during the COVID pandemic, but has now reopened and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each week.

Where is the Friday market in Edirne?

The Edirne Friday Market is one of the largest markets in the city. Ulus Market is at the end of Edirne’s main street Saraclar, right where the pedestrian part of the street ends.

How to get to the Friday market in Edirne?

To get to Ulus Market if you are coming from Svilengrad, go over the bridge entrance to the town and turn right on Tabakhane Street as the road sign for mandatory right indicates. Just drive straight down this street and in a few minutes you will see the Friday Market on your left. Pass the Friday Market entrance and park right next to it in the wide free parking lot.

For your convenience, I have prepared a map to visually imagine the route if you travel from Svilengrad.


Working hours at Ulus Market

Ulus Market hours are every Friday from eight in the morning until dusk. I recommend you plan on the market as the first stop of your Friday shopping trip, as the market is large and will take you at least two hours, plus parking becomes quite difficult as the day progresses.

The market is also open on Mondays, but then it is quite small and only fruit, vegetables and food products are offered.

What do we buy from Ulus Market?

Ulus Market is the largest clothing market in Edirne. The market is composed of many covered stalls, similar to other clothing markets such as the market in Lozengrad or the market in Dimitrovgrad. Outside the market is an area where you can buy fruit, vegetables, baklava, pishmane, marshmallows and other food products. This would be convenient for you as the Blue Market, where we usually shop for groceries, is not open on Fridays and you will not be able to visit it along with the Friday Market.

In the market you will find budget local brands and, mostly, replicas of international brands. If you are looking for Real branded clothes in Edirne, bet on the shops in one of the malls in Edirne such as Margi Outlet Mall and Erasta Mall.

You can buy the following items from the Ulus Market on Friday (current prices through 2023):

Clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry – prices at Ulus Market

  • men’s and women’s slippers – 15 pounds
  • replicas of Nike and Adidas sneakers and sneakers – 70 pounds
  • tracksuits for men and women of Nike, Adidas and Calvin Klein – bottoms and tops for 30-40 pounds each. Higher quality replicas are between £ 200 and £ 300 per set
  • luxury Air Jordan pants – 120 pounds
  • sets for men and women of more luxurious brands such as Moncler, Lacoste, US Polo – between 150 and 200 pounds
  • men’s t-shirts and blouses of luxury brands such as Boss, Hilfiger, The North Face – 100 pounds
  • women’s jackets, coats and raincoats – 300-400 pounds
  • men’s and women’s underwear – 25-30 pounds for three pieces
  • luxury men’s underwear – 20 pounds in number
  • men’s and women’s pajamas – 50-60 pounds per set
  • socks – 10 pounds for 3 pairs
  • women’s bags made of eco and natural leather – 70 pounds
  • clothes size XXXXL
  • baby clothes and sets
  • children’s clothes and sets
  • Adidas and Nike sports bags
  • purses and leather goods
  • jewelry and ornaments – bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings
  • makeup and cosmetics

Home goods

  • table tarpaulins, hangers, sofa cover
  • pots and utensils
  • carpets and rugs
  • porcelain and glass cups
  • plates and sets for coffee and tea
  • curtains and drapes
  • blinds – 150 pounds per meter

Fruits, vegetables and sweets – Friday market prices

  • oranges – 6 pounds
  • pomegranate – 50 pounds
  • tangerines – 10 pounds
  • carrots – 10 pounds
  • tomatoes – 7.5 pounds
  • cucumbers – 10 pounds
  • bell peppers – 15 pounds
  • red pepper – 15 pounds
  • chilli – 10 pounds
  • cabbage – 5 pounds
  • celery – 20 pounds
  • beans – 20 pounds
  • mushrooms – 25 pounds
  • onion – 3 pounds 10 pounds
  • potatoes – 3 kilograms 20 pounds
  • olives
  • cheese
  • cheese pudding
  • Turkish delight – 40 pounds per box
  • pissing – 30 pounds per box
  • baklava


It is good to know that the market is quite busy as it is held once a week. Arm yourselves with patience and prepare to be jostled by crowds of people, but don’t let that get in the way of your enjoyment.

I hope you find the information in this article useful.

Enjoy your shopping!

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