Shopping in Pirot in 2022

Everything you need to know about shopping in Pirot

Shopping in Pirot in 2022 is rapidly gaining popularity as a top destination for cheap shopping tourism near Sofia and Pernik. If you are planning to shop in Pirot this weekend, be sure to read the following lines and get ready.

How to get to Pirot

Pirot is located about 90 kilometers from Sofia. By car you will arrive in about 1:30 – 2:00 hours according to the traffic jam at the Kalotina border checkpoint.


To get to Pirot you have two options. One route is to turn right after the border to catch the green sign for the highway to Nis. The highway is new and you can travel on it quickly and conveniently, but you will pay an additional fee of 100 dinars one way.

You can follow current prices of the Serbian toll system directly through their official website . Choose the starting station Dimitrovgrad and the final station Pirot East to visualize the price for the respective category of car you are traveling with.

The free alternative is instead of turning right to the highway, continue straight to Dimitrovgrad and go on the old road. This is a national road and driving on it is free. The old road is calm, but the road is two-lane and creates conditions for more dangerous overtaking. There is no big difference in kilometers and travel time.

What documents are needed for a trip to Pirot

Before shopping in Pirot, Kalotina will ask us for an ID card and a car ticket. Unlike shopping in Edirne, the Serbian market does not require a car permit.

When is the market in Pirot

The market in Pirot is held weekly on Saturdays. The market starts early in the morning and lasts until 14:00 in the afternoon. To have time to fully tour the stalls and markets, go no later than 10 o’clock and spend about three hours shopping. Usually by 13:00 most of the goods have already been bought and the traders are gradually starting to close.

Where is the market in Pirot

The market in Pirot is located on the other side of the bridge over the river Nishava, if you come from the city center. The area there is littered with stalls, and some traders take their goods out on tables or even on sheets stretched out on the ground.


Since you are still in the center, parking is paid by the hour on weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, and every Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm. There is a parking system with SMS as in Bulgaria, and the number to which you will send the message depends on the area in which you parked. Parking in the city center is between 30 and 50 dinars per hour for different areas and there is a 2-hour limit on stay in the area. Alternatively, you can pay your stay in cash to a municipal worker you will recognize by your uniform.

If you do not want to pay for parking, you can park in one of the streets around the center. Look for paid parking signs, and if you don’t see one – feel free to leave your car there. I am also enclosing a map with the paid streets and the corresponding coloring for the area (green, blue and red), so that you can find your way around more easily. The Pirot market is located in the area C5-C6-C7.


What to buy from the market in Pirot in 2022

From the market in Pirot we buy the following goods:

  • dairy products – yellow cheese, cheese, butter, cream;
  • eggs from happy hens;
  • fruits and vegetables – green peppers, dried peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, salads, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, apples, pears, etc;
  • fresh meat;
  • sausages;
  • homemade lyutenitsa, ayvar and other syrups;
  • homemade brandy – quince, pear, cherry;
  • pie crusts;
  • detergents;
  • clothes.

The prices of most food products in 2022 are between 20% and 30% cheaper than in Bulgaria. However, the real advantages of shopping in Pirot are the taste, quality and proven origin of the products. The vegetables are freshly picked from the garden, and the dairy products smell like real milk. That is why more and more of us choose Pirot for Saturday shopping.

On the market we pay in BGN, EUR or dinars. 500 dinars are about 8 levs, and for about 2000-2500 dinars we can buy organic vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs, which are enough for 4-5 days.

The market in Pirot is over, but now where? Recommendations for restaurants and attractions

When we finish the market in Pirot, we can eat in one of the nearby restaurants, or see one of the sights of the city. For eating, I recommend the traditional Serbian restaurants “kafana” Krađev Čardak, Ladna voda and Sarna moja (10 minutes walk from the market).

Among the sights you can see in Pirot are the Fortress and the ethnographic complex Museum of Ponishavieto, which is located next to the market.

Looking for other ideas for bargain shopping in the neighborhood? Get inspired by my suggestions for shopping in Edirne or shopping in Lozengrad.

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