About me and the blog

Hey. Hey,

I’m Svetoslav – I work in the Bulgarian hosting company SiteGround, and in my free time I travel, or tell my experiences from different destinations.

I like to learn new things while reading books or discovering new destinations. At the age of 30 I have been to over 20 countries including the USA, Canada and a significant part of Europe. Coincidentally, whenever I had the opportunity to travel, I chose to do it abroad. I often joked that I had seen more from abroad than from home. I never denied the beauty of Bulgaria, but I had the mindset that “it’s close and I can see it whenever I want”.

The year 2020, when I started this blog, would probably be no exception if it weren’t for COVID-19. By closing the borders and restricting travel, I decided to invest some of my free time in exploring the homeland. I started reading online blogs for tips on where to start.

Local Guide BG – Local Guide BG

I wanted the blogs I was looking for to be modern, to provide information in an understandable and systematic way, but I couldn’t find any. This is how the idea for the project“Bulgarian Local Guide” was born. My goal with this site is to collect colorful memories from different destinations, tips and recommendations for holidays in Bulgaria and abroad, cool hotels and places to eat and more.

I am truly proud that in less than two years the site has become a trusted source of information for thousands of people.

Сподели с приятелите си!